Basketball Update

Hello, For your information related to the basketball playoff structure for this year, the NSSAF is removing the Qualifying Tournament to extend the season play an extra week and move the Regional Championships ahead one week. Qualifying for Provincials will be weighted in each Division by the number of entries from each Region. The NSSAF will circulate the Provincial entry framework as soon as the declaration process is completed on February 1st. Changes would result in the following dates: JV Regionals completed by February 18 JV Provincials February 23-25 Div 1,2,3 Regionals completed by Feb 25 Div 1,2,3 Provincials March 2-4 We will post the Regional Advancement to Provincials by Friday, February 3rd. For clarification, practices and exhibition games/tournaments are up to individual schools. Leagues will not commence until February 9th.

**An announcement regarding the NSSAF Basketball Provincial Championships will be posted by February 9, 2017**