Fast Pitch Provincial Championships

The NSSAF Fast Pitch Championships will be held on June 2-3, 2017. The boys competition will be held at South Colchester and the girls competition will be held at Avon View.
Good luck to all competitors and thanks go out to the hosting schools!
For more information:
Fast Pitch Girls - Avon View
Congratulations to North Nova Education Centre for winning the Fastball Championship in St. Croix on Saturday. The teams survived rain delays and hail delays! 
North Nova defeated Cobequid Educational Centre team 6-3
A big thanks to the host Avon View group that did amazing work to keep the field playable to make the championship a great success.
Fast Pitch Boys - South Colchester
The boys Fast Pitch championship will be held on Monday as mother nature was not our friend this weekend in South Colchester.